EV's Best vs. Harlem Wizards

Kiddos lined the halls and made signs.

Welp, they came. They saw Culpeper. They conquered.

I knew I had a problem when I had students run to the windows and shrill at glass-breaking decibels as 2 Harlem Wizards showed up at school.

We may be to blame. We definitely played it up. And, my kids are fluent in youtube clips of the Harlem Wizards. They did help pick my nickname.

So, the Wizards came to visit every classroom.
Practicing text features, a diagram of
my shots at the game. I miss if you can't tell.

The game was to support the athletics program at EV.

At 5:30, I showed up EV for who-knows-what, to be honest. Tipoff was at 7. I'm pretty sure if my shooting percentages was 10%, then a last minute warm-up wouldn't help.

I'd have preferred to socialize, rather than shoot. But, being a team player I participated in warm-up with testosterone guys who a few really thought they were going to beat the Wizards. Last time I checked, they do this for a living. I feel like I can make the assumption that they must be good.

5:35, walk in on 'the machine' changing in the locker room. Oops. Forgot we were a co-ed team.

5:45, students start walking in. They're psyched. Yeah, someone will cheer.

6:00, a guy 'the pimp' wants to run warm-up drills. In my head, really? But, when in Rome act like a Roman. Then, I got over that and just asked 'the beast' what should I be doing?

6:15, I realized I missed out on a key rule that you only get to take the ball when you make it (10% of the time for me), so needless-to-say some of the hotshots probably weren't thrilled with me. Thankfully, C-Will found it hilarious. I don't think 'hangman' did.

6:30, team huddle in the locker room. Our coach, the AD, gives us the lineup. Big Daddy, Alley-oop Me, Snow White, Magic something, and some other EV Best person is starting.  Great, put the girl who had to ask the ref which side do I line-up on the court.

6:45, layup drill. Yeah, whatever about that. I was more into high-fiving the teammates.

7:00, we run out and do our preshow of the layup drill. Skills are here. Not. Although, I do ADORE the 'hey eastern view, hey eastern view' song. Gets me amped for all games.
Definitely thumbs up time.

7:10, Wizards do their preshow complete with smoke, dancing, and funnyness.

7:15 (I could be off on times, now that I'm 'in the zone' of the game). Tipoff. At this moment, they did a dialogue. Complete with...drumroll. Me getting picked up in the air. Like literally, up in the air. A good friend, mentioned they were wondering what was going through my head. My whole mentality for the event 'was just go with it.' But, now I look back and think 'oh my.' They picked up another, much shorter coach and called him 'baby.' They rubbed the football coach's belly and sang 'you've got the whole world in there or something.'

As we played, they'd talk to us and directed us some. Especially when one grabbed my arm and urgently whispered come with me. Thank God I went. The next thing I know the guy is dunking where I had been standing.

We played. They made it fun. It was definitely funny. I definitely laughed. It was definitely entertaining. I loved watching the kids laugh and participate. I definitely think it was worth the money.

I had no goals other to 'just go with it.' Well, heck not that I think about that that was a huge goal.

But, I really did enjoy making a basket. Best basketball memory ever. Out of my 4.2 hour career. I shot, I missed. They paused the game for me 'hey girl, try that again.' I shot, I missed. 'Hey girl, tryyyy thaat again.' I shot, I made it. Victory arms. My basketball career is complete. That negated the nutmeg and bullying they did on me which was hilariously fun. My cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing.

The guys made shots and played a lot.

9:00, the buzzer rang and confetti shot out. Kids scrambled for it worse than candy at a parade.

Momma and Daddy were there. Daddy even got some time when the guy kept ringing the buzzer (obnoxious sound). A lot of friends, students, and families were there.

In one word, it truly was FUN.

Moral of the Story: After the Snow In and the bball game, I truly thought today was a magical day for kids...and me. I hope adults never get rid of a childlike playfulness.

A pic from the Star Exponent...that's me in the middle dunking...ok, really
I'm watching him dunk.

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