I hear this chant inside of my head...as much as I dream of a cure...I dream and hear a chant...'snow day, snow day, snow day.' It's whispers. Beckons. Come to Cpep, my dear friend.

It's the night before.

This is the giddy, excitement feeling that I'd assume most teachers experience.

What will happen? Nothing? 2-hour delay? no school?

I think it's the thought of the unknown that has me checking the front street every 30 minutes and Facebook every 15 minutes.

The thought of catching the Today show. The thought of bring snowed in. The serenity it brings. The traditions it brings (pizza hut buffet with the fam).

Needless-to-say, it's the exciting and fun.

Moral of the Story: I cling to the thought of pjs, cuddledness, and going against the typical routine...the little moments that a snow closing may create.

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