The Big Give

Today, we participated in Kelsey's Big Give at CUMC.

This event is one of those community events that I'd participate in no-matter-what church sponsored it.

Kelsey was the pastor's daughter who was tragically killed in a car accident her senior year.

In honor of her, there are annual big gives in communities such as Cpep, Front Royal, and India.

The mission is simple...help others while bringing the community together.

Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPs) served breakfast. Then, we were broken into different sites. And, off we went to work for the morning before coming back to the church for lunch at noon.

At our site, we helped a lady who had just had her port removed from her cancer treatments. She needed yard work done. So, that's what we did. The gutters were cleaned, bushes trimmed, banks trimmed, tree limbs taken down, and walnuts picked up.

It was a great morning of hard work and fresh lemonade that she had made for us.

Moral of the Story: Give big.

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