A Day Off

Who doesn't love a day off?

Today was an at-home teacher workday. I did work, but there is so much liberty in piddling, running errands, and going to the bathroom when you want to go.

It was a gorgeous fall day, too.

It was just pure bliss.

I felt like Julie Andrews. The day was filled with my favorite things: running, sunrises, a breakfast sandwich from the Old Country Store, The Today Show, folding socks, baking an apple pie and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, The Pancho's Buffet with The Farmer, lit candles, sweeping leaves, organizing, field hockey, sunsets, Friday night lights football, my college friend Christina came, and the Cyclone ladies won a championship.

The highlight was when all the players, parents, and field hockey supporters cleared there was my parents, my aunt & uncle, The Farmer, and Linda there to give me a hug.

Moral of the Story: Today was balm for the soul. The core of life is faith, family, friends, and crunchy leaves.

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