Tuesday Tidbits

  • It was a beautiful snow day.
  • I piddled and was productive.
  • My background noise was The Today Show and the 19 Kids & Counting Marathon on TLC.
  • I counted down the hours until the new 19 Kids & Counting Season Premiere at 9.
  • I enjoyed shoveling my driveway, especially when a neighbor came over to help.
  • I enjoyed hearing the little kids yell as they had snowball fights or climbed on the big snow mounds.
  • I enjoyed getting work done.
  • I hope it snows more.
  • The phone rang at 4:10 and schools were cancelled for tomorrow. I love knowing the night before.
  • Somehow, we ended up at the Chinese buffet. Yum.
  • I've been trying to knit. Slowly but surely.
Mitchells wasn't quite sure what to do with the snow in the morning.

An omelet is such a treat rather than the typical grab-and-go breakfast.

We were watching 19 Kids while waiting for The Farmer to take us sledding.
Moral of the Story: Snow days are pure bliss.

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