Tuesday Tidbits

  1. I really savored the cold, crisp day.
  2. Did anyone hear the loud booms of thunder last night? I loved it.
  3. I enjoyed an evening with sweet Annabelle and Married Kat.
  4. Staples is running a promo this week of $2 off any new binder if you recycle an old one.
  5. Perhaps, this summer will be a cool one.
  6. You know it's going to be a good day when fresh lettuce enters your classroom by 8:15.
  7. Can you smell it in the air? Can you hear it? It's the end of the school year. It's another wonderful time of the year.
  8. What's on your summer reading list? I have been slowly building my cart on Amazon.
  9. Rice Krispie treats have to be the easiest thing to make.
  10. Why is it that when you can dress down then you want to dress up and vice versa?
Moral of the Story: Tonight is a perfect temperature to relax and read.

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