Mitchells Monday

To live the life of a dog...

Moral of the Story: Sometimes, you just need a good, deep nap.



  • The owner of the Caroline Panthers quietly wrote a $100,000 check to pay for the funerals of the victims of the hate crime in Charleston. 
  • UVA is in the finals of the College World Series after having less than a stellar season.
  • Angel, my parents' dog, slept at my feet all night.
  • The sound of waves crashing on the shore is peaceful.
Moral of the Story: Simple goodness abounds in the world.


The Secrets of Daddy

This is how I found Daddy a few mornings ago. It was early in the morning. He was watching the geese and goslings. He was feeding them old bread.

This photo shares many qualities of my father.

He is a giver of little things. The giving of his many little things have always combined to convey the big things of life.

It shares his love for nature. Nature is his soundtrack.

He is an early bird. He passed this gene onto me. The hours of Daddy-daughter time are exponentially increased as we share the world before other family members climb out of bed.

He savors silence. In silence, much is understood.

Moral of the Story: I thank God for my Daddy.


What do I do at the beach?

I love being at the beach. And, I love being at the beach for a long time.

Thankfully, I can be at the beach for more than week. Mentally it is freeing.

For me, going on vacation is a great time to do what I want to do or to not do what I want to do.

My days have been filled with spending time with family, reading many magazines and books, eating, people-watching, walking/running, watching Today every morning, and thinking.

Moral of the Story: I am going to enjoy this season of life.



One of my favorite things about the beach is the sunrises each morning. They seem to be similar yet so different. As the rays arise, I think of many things.

  • I start anew each day.
  • The sun continually rises when darkness may have occurred during the night. 
  • With the events we woke up to today, I find hope in the sunrise. Hope in the promises of God. Hope in people. Hope that light will shine.
Moral of the Story: Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.-Victor Hugo