Home DIY #1~ Grout Sealer

It was time. To seal the grout.

Something, I never dreamed I'd be doing. I delayed it long enough.

Here are the steps...to becoming a professional grout sealer...

Step 1
Step 7

Step 6

  1. Go to Lowe's. Search for someone with a friendly face. Ask for help.
  2. Have a teacher-at-home work day.
  3. Read the directions.
  4. Read the directions.
  5. Read the directions.
  6. Make sure to be wearing a down vest and a scarf.
  7. Take off your slippers.
  8. Go for it. Use a foam brush to apply the sealer to the grout.
  9. I split the shower into 3 sections. And, then did vertical lines followed by horizontal lines in each section.
  10. Use 1/3 a roll of Bounty to sop up puddles and dry tiles. Thankfully, I have ceramic tiles.
  11. Call Dad #2 to make sure I'm doing this right after application #1. He's at the movies and will call me back.
  12. Youtube it. So helpful. Sarcasm.
Step 10
    13. Think. Ah, go for it. Application #2.
    14. Text some.
    15. Application #3.
    16. Dad #2 calls back. Me: "Let me tell you what I did, then you tell me if there's going to be any problems."
    17. Have a grout sealed shower.
    Moral of the Story: DIY. Do. It. Yourself.

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