Tuesday Tidbits

  1. Yesterday there were traces of snow. Now, it's 60 degrees. 
  2. My dog is like a baby. He cries barks when he needs to eat or drink and maybe if he needs to go to the bathroom.
  3. I'm absolutely loving that our local library joined an E-book consortium. I can now check out books from home and they're delivered directly to my kindle. Too cool and convenient. I can truly say that I read more since my family got me a Kindle last February.
  4. I'm starting to adore that feeling. Of when your body is in complete relaxation and you have to remind yourself that you have feet.
  5. Please tell me you've seen these. 
    Now they'll restart because Blogger numbering doesn't allow me to un-autocorrect...
  1. I've really been noticing the stars lately. I refuse to remember Astronomy at UVA. We'd have to go to the Observatory and name all the constellations and that was a 100-level class. But, truly you've gotta admit it's cool they're out there.
  2. The Bachelor-I hate this show, but I can't stop having it on. It's so not reality. But, what is reality? But, I'm pretty sure it's not creating a snow-slope in the middle of summer in San Francisco with 20-bikini clad girls.
  3. Country music. Any song. It touches.
  4. Prayers. I'm working on this spiritual discipline.
  5. Discipline-what a 3-syllable words that has so many applications.
  6. I also don't like the word companionship.
  7. Supposedly, a million trees are planted a year by nuts that squirrels forget to dig up.
Moral of the Story: A friend at school just gave birth to a 12 pound baby. Whoa. What a big bundle of joy?

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