A Lizard in Third Grade

It was a peaceful Monday morning. Kiddos were milling about getting set up for the week. I was chatting with everyone about their weekends.

Then, the door swung open. And, there was an over 6 foot tall gentleman. That's not a Smart Cookie.

In one arm was a glass aquarium, in the other a crate filled with supplies.

Then, walked in the Smart Cookie with his/her bearded dragon lizard.

Woowee! Happy Monday! Now, I've got about 2 dozen cookies & a lizard. Yes!

We've been studying animal adaptations. Some kiddos had to present a project today in which they had to choose an animal...turn it into a superhero...its power had to be a physical or behavioral adaptation...then, create a skit with props about it.

A huge, stinky skunk puppet meandered in. A pipe cleaner, camouflaged creature too.

Then, a real live bearded dragon lizard.  Complete with a setting (including McDonald's and lego men) for the cage. And, a cape! I did hear the dreaded words, "Ms. R will you help me put the cape him?" Don't worry, I pulled my big girl panties up and got that cape on Mr. Lizard.

The plot was the lizard used camouflage to overtake the criminal crickets (yes, there were a lot crickets in a cage too).

We had too much fun! They were all great and very unique.

Moral of the Story: Student A: "I just love third grade so much!"...then in a very contemplative whisper tone Did I say that right?!  Me: Well, I certainly hope so. (Or, I'll just imagine he/she truly meant that.)

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