Summer in Winter

I awoke to being a little child peeking out the blinds to see...had it happened?

It had.

It was a gentle, winter wonderland. I love these types of morning that seem to move slower and more gracefully than others. No where to go. Savor the home.

It was spent doing chores, yet opening a book that I received 2 Chritsmases ago plus videochatting a friend in NC.

It was so pleasant. So, that was definitely one of the things I adore about winter.

My night was spent in Cville. The B & B was turned into a pizzeria with kiddos and adults everywhere. So warm. So welcoming. Slightly spontaneous.

Such a summer break in the midst of winter.

While catching up, laughter and wine flowed.

It was such a fun, renewing time. Quite simply.

Moral of the Story: Before everyone came over, L was making me my favorite foods out of play dough to eat. L:"I'm going to cook and it's going to be magical." 5 minutes later. L:"It's time to eat. I have made you your favorite foods... macaroni and cheese, oreos, and Fuji Braeburn apples. You can eat the healthy stuff first." Me: "I don't have money to pay you." L:"That's ok. It's free for you." Me: "Wow, your macaroni and cheese (orange play dough) is better than your mother's." L:"It's not free anymore you now owe me $100."

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