A 4-year old asked me if I knew Jesus Christ

She was just sitting in the backseat as we drove past a fallen tree. I would not characterize her homelife as religious. There aren't stereotypical signs of Christianity around the house. She attends preschool at a faith-based school. Thankfully, I didn't crash Blizzard when she asked this question out of mid-air or "which tree branch of life" was that as my college friends and I called spontaneous/random moments. But, it did get me to thinking. It reaffirmed patch theories and common sense theories. Kids' minds are sponges. You feed your child knowledge...good or bad. You have the power to write on the blank slate. This weekend with this storehouse-of-knowledge 4-year old reminded me of the old debate of nature vs. nurture and that scientifically brains of children of poverty look different. It's very intriguing. Adults have such power. Such responsibility. Such influence. It's really amazing when I stop to ponder the interconnected web. Moral of the Story: Do you know Jesus Christ? Do you know the power of someone else? It can be life changing.

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