The Tale of Two Lives

I spent my morning living the life of now. I participated in the local tri-all-athon with my aunt and 2 kiddos who are huge supporters of UVA and EV. 7am never looked nor felt better. I do love the atmosphere of the event. You can't beat seeing everyone from all different aspects of Cpep working at their own pace for health. I spent the rest of the day back in my habitual nanny mode. The nanny mode was my norm at UVA. And, I do enjoy it. I find it makes me relish in the simple things of life. The beauty of a sunrise with a kiddo or what chocolate pancakes really mean. I know that I passed on random babysitting jobs once I hung up those 2 college degrees. But, my friend asked months ago. And, it's been quite a productive weekend because of it. Kids make me more structured. Today, I felt my life now and maybe what my life will be in the future if it's God's plan. Moral of the Story: I will not be a great mom if I have 4 shedding dogs.

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