A Blizzard Came & The Vow

Snowballs were flying.

And, over $2,000 came in today! That's over $4,000 to Relay For Life in week. Simply amazing. And, yes, the Smart Cookies will be 'snowed in' next week. And, yes, I have dreamt of the day I could get away with wearing wicked good moccasins to school. Dreamy.

I think competition is a good thing. Heck, the Lion King Circle of Life is based on it.

But, woowee, I was certainly happy to have that snowstorm over...I had sweaty pits.

Then it was time for fresh air buying tickets to see The Vow with Kat after a Pete's Pizza family date with the Grams.

Well, The Vow. God Bless America.

I had envisioned the college days when all my girlfriends including Kat and us went to see the latest romance movie for Valentine's Day.

There wasn't even a love scene. I'm not saying I went to the movie for that, but that's how much it lacked romance. It was more like a movie I would have watching in a Psych class and then had to write an analysis of.

Well, friends I'll be kind and say just wait until it comes out on Redbox and you can save a movie ticket.

Or, as Kat said 'that's it? That was horrible.'

To all my friends that I suggested date night just go to Lowe's a pick up $20 in cool home improvement knick knacks.

Moral of the Story: Go Redbox.

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