Dear Bachelor

Why do I like you?

Why did I rush to turn on ABC when it was 8:03?

You are not in touch with reality. Or, maybe I'm living the wrong reality.

But, last time I checked it was extremely rare to have a date in which you are dropped off by helicopter on a secluded island.

Why do I know that all my friends from college are watching you right now?

Why did we hang out every monday night on broken down couches to watch you?

Why do you light up facebook?

Why do people keep watching you?

Why do I keep watching you?

Why do I not see myself in the girl contestants?

Why do I see myself in the girl contestants?

Why does society blow up Sister Wives when this in essence is the same concept?

Why am I watching the Bachelor steer a motor-powered boat up a muddy river in Panama right now? Really?

I still watch the booty shorts and now topless girls.


This is not me nor what I see my life being.

But, still I watch.

Maybe, because I see a train wreck coming. Maybe, because I see love coming.

But, at the end of Monday night, I can say 'I have watched Bachelor.'


Moral of the Story: Why? Why? Why?

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