Snowed IN!

The Smart Cookies were SNOWED IN today (in preparation of Sunday/Monday, I hope.)

I think that I've learned that you either roll with it or you'll spend all day fighting it.

So, we were SNOWED IN.   We had the goods, I brought in all my gloves, scarves, and hats for them to wear.  I opened the windows to add a touch of climate. I brought some sleds in. Dad's daycare kids made paper snowballs. And, then we had a shovel to dig in and out.

The school rule was that you had to shovel everywhere you went.  And, there we went. To the bathroom and to visit 2 friends' SNOWED  IN classes. Shoveling as we went. There was a hockey stick at the front and the back, so that we had guides in the big blizzard.

The kids had knackel's, chips/dip, juice, pizza, and popcorn. Woowee. I think they were stuffed.

And, yes, we got a lot of work done.

But, I don't think you can beat watching little kiddos cuddle up and work hard in pajamas. We even had a lawyer come in and talk to our class about government.

I wanted to honor their hard work from last week after they raised all that money (over $4,500!)  for Relay For Life.

Moral of the Story: When I woke up this morning, I thought 'go for it.' Today, may be the only day these kids remember in 30 years from 3rd grade. Make it a memory.

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