Nicknames for the Big Game

Tomorrow is the Big Game.

I'll be ballin' something I've never done before.

So, we have jerseys and were asked to come up with nicknames.

The AD chose 'lollipop kid' for me.

What!? After today, I have sung the lollipop guild song 5 million times.

'Lollipop kid' I didn't even know where to begin to think on that one. But, I did want to throw lollipops out and yell 'dum dums for all!'

At one point, I had a friend laughing so hard she was crying. We came up with so many scenarios for Lollipop Kid.

So, when you have a problem...ask the Smart Cookies.

At there groups, I gave them 5 minutes to whisper, brainstorm nicknames.

Here is what third graders (spelled by them) came up with:

  • tall teach
  • The Mangaler
  • A Train
  • Cookie Monster
  • Kool Kid
  • The Macsher
  • The Lucky Clover
  • Houswive
  • The buster
  • Snope dog
  • Billy Bob
  • Fashion girl (What?!?)
  • Teen Mom (What?!!!!)
  • Little A (that's the first time I've been called little)
  • Deedee 
  • The Rock (I'm not a guy)
  • Miss awsome
  • hard hitter
  • Beverly Hills
  • Teach um
Moral of the Story: The class ended up voting on Allie-oop my name.  Hopefully, I can work some magic and get 'Lollipop Kid' crossed off that list. It's all for the kids.

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