Tuesday Tidbits

  1. I'm hosting a Thirty One party. I'm really excited. It's something I've never done. And, I hope it goes well. And, if it doesn't it'll be fun anyway. And, some profits will go to Relay.
  2. I heard that an IKEA trip with T and Christina is brewing.
  3. I'm staring at pile of Toms, hot-pinked laced ASCICS, white ASCICS, and wicked good moccasins...my daily foot attire.
  4. It's trash day.
  5. It was a great afternoon. Extended day-making progress. Lax practice-making progress. Relay meeting-making progress. Spontaneous trip to Smokehouse for Trivia Night-not sure on the progress.
  6. Back to LAX. There is nothing more rejuvenating to a coach then over 45 girls coming out. Probably of which at least 50% have never played before. I LOVE taking zero to something. And, here's to the next 3 months.
  7. Teaching is coaching. Coaching is teaching.
  8. Pull out the flip-flops. 61 degrees tomorrow. Say what?! 70 on Thursday.
  9. I have a half dollar size blister from my 3.2 hour Bball career on Friday. Thank heavens for blister pads. My quality of life increased greatly today.
  10. Banco wants to go to bed. 
  11. I do not.
  12. I can sing words to songs, but don't know artists.
  13. I have a great uncle who saves me a chicken breast at dinner. And, fried pickles. Yum on the latter!
  14. A kid in class: "Whoa, my head just jerked down. It must be heavy."
Moral of the Story: It's Tuesday. Fat Tuesday. And, I loved my burger at dinner.

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