A 31 Party

The cashier at Wal-Mart asked if I was having a party.

I responded a 31 party.

She looked extremely surprised and said, 'there's no way that you're 31.' I fell in love with her at that moment and wanted to give her a tip.

But, her surprise is/was probably as much as my surprise that I, me, was hosting a Thirty-one party.

First, I want to thank all my friends who came. I know we all cherish our time, so I appreciate you sharing and spending time at my abode.

Second, I want to thank all who ordered. I'm completely down if you didn't order, but if you did then part of the proceeds go to Relay For Life which is dear to all of us.

I feel as though I grew a lot during this experience. So, I appreciate all that were my guinea pigs and allowed me to grow.

Here's to Christina who drove up for the weekend to help and laugh until we cried.

Here's to T who came in for the night to hang with 3 of the UVA girls and not her own.

I absolutely was stepping outside my comfort zone. 2 feet.

#1) Hosting a party that doesn't revolve around sports. And on top of that, it revolves around bags. Totally, something new for me.

#2) Shopping and preparing for the guests with a jam-packed work and practice schedule.

#3) Selling stuff. This is not really a grain of my inner fiber. And through these random experiences, I learn just as much about what drives me and what does not inspire me. I have no desire to sell things.

So, as I set back and reflect, I think...

  • I had fun. And, hope others did, as well.
  • I appreciate others. 
  • I had a lot of food leftover. 
  • My fire alarms are extremely loud. Piercing.
  • I really like fresca wine punch.
  • I like sports, more than bags.
  • After parties continue to be a blast.
  • I do like to clean.
  • Practice what you preach. It feels good to think that I've been encouraging others to try something new when it comes to fundraising for Relay. Switch it up. Well, I just switched it up.
Moral of the Story: Whether it's hosting a 31-party or riding a bicycle for the first time, all that matters is that you discover, create, and change. Thankfully, I feel as though I added a dimension and experience to my life on Friday night. Thank you to all who shared in the memory.

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