Sunday Sports

  • UVA beat Maryland in OT to clinch the #4 seed in the ACC tourney.
  • Rebecca and I video-chatted while watching this.
  • UVA Men's LAX (ranked #1) had a come from behind win to beath #6 Syracuse.
  • Kat and I ate dinner while watching this.
  • Dale Jr finished 15th in the NASCAR race.
  • All cleaning/laundry was accomplished during this.
  • I played a field hockey game. And, we beat the GMU club team.
I excitedly called to share with Momma the good news. She didn't seem so thrilled. And, asked what I had gained from life from knocking a player down? I immediately asked to speak to Daddy.  I retold the game and he laughed and was so excited.

Moral of the Story: When it comes to sports, proceed to Daddy.

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