Growing Green For a Cure

The weather has been marvelous. Sunny and in the 80s today. While the weather has been amazing and it was St. Patrick's Day, the Relay community spent the day growing green (money for the American Cancer Society) for a cure. And, I'm pretty sure everyone had a blast doing it.

I can at least account for my day...

We made a new window 'Growing Green for a Cure.'

Quite the easy, all-around effort. I do want to praise Liz's flowers. They're awesome and vibrant.

Downtown Scavenger Hunt/Sweet Treats Sale

Number 1 we had fun. Number 2, the downtown merchants kindly lets us high clovers in their merchandise. Number 3, 75% of the people we met were out-of-towners. Downtwn, is so nice.


Spaghetti Dinner/Auction in Jeffersonton
Delish! I'd never been to one. And, it was some down-home fun.

Moral of the Story: Don't underestimate the change that small groups of people can have on their community.

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