Classic Friday Night

We've been doing this type of Friday night since Syd and I were little. Granted there's a 12 year-age difference between her and I.

It happens when we can get it to happen.

Her Momma and my Daddy taught next to each other for almost 20 years.

So, our lives have been interwoven since.

Her Momma and I both went to the school where we teach. She taught me piano back in the day. 

While Syd's Grandma taught my brother Sunday school.

Then, I taught Syd how to swim.

Interwoven. Yes.

I adore them. They can talk, unashamedly. So, it works out well. 

I can even remember in college coming back and them meeting us for dinner on Friday night.

The place is always Pete's Pizza.

Dad always gives Syd money to go do the claw-machine-for-an-animal. 

Syd always gets an animal. And, then she always gives it to me by thrusting it in my face. I always refuse. And, then she kindly gives it to a young kid.

We always talk for way too long. And, eat each other's food.

Syd is something. And, could be an adult now. And, has no problem offering me advice. 'You need to shave your clothes.' 'What's this on your face? (as she's rubbing my cheek)', 'I'm gonna put you on eHarmony.' 'Really, you need to do this.' 

We all eat happily. And, leave happily until next time.

Her Momma calls my Daddy out just like my Momma does. I love it. 

Moral of the Story: The beauty of life is after years and decades how lives can become interwoven.

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