I met a prophet today...

I was sitting in the waiting room of the ENT.

The ladies behind the counter had gracefully greeted me and wanted to catch up on life. Their last question, I had to answer in the fact that both my brother and I loved our lives and yes we were single.

I sat down and whipped out my iPhone to check Facebook since I wasn't in school. I was savoring feeling like a rebel.

And, then, this woman. Picture God in the book, The Shack. Robust. African American. Strong-boned, strong-willed, and persistent.

She sat on one side. I sat on other. In the middle, sat a Merck representative.

"Honey, I like you. Listen here, I say...(she paused to think)...Give it 2-3 years and you will meet the man for you."

I hesitantly look up. I quickly realize that she's not talking to the Merck representative hiding in his laptop.

I responded gracefully that I hope that's true and if it's not I'll be just as happy.

"No honey, you seem like the praying type. Stop praying for him, but pray for details about him."

I responded that I did enjoy praying and that I'd liked her advice.

"Now listen here (Merck representative is looking at his watch), I'm a prophet. In the next 2-3 years you will meet a man who will blow your mind. He will be much taller, have eyes that change color but are mostly blue, and will be extremely into sports."

I laughed and said I certainly liked her prophecy and that I respected it.

I have a similar image of a taller guy with a beer in one hand and a Bible in the other.

We went onto have a 10 minute conversation about the essence of life.

Moral of the Story: Some people didn't believe the prophecies of the Old Testament. Some did. Whom am I to counter this woman's prophecy? I find it truly intriguing and enlightening. It's not everyday that I have someone say, 'Listen, I'm a prophet.'  And, that's what I'll do listen.

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