Tuesday Tidbits

  • Game day is approaching. The intensity is building. On top of it being the first game of the season, it's against the cross-town rivals. 
  • I'm not sure what I think of pea-salad. It was good.
  • I saw a beautiful thing tonight. I walked into the Relay meeting late. To a room jam-packed with kids, adults, new people, veteran people with hair, people with no hair, women, men, different ethnicities...all there to fight back against cancer. I thank them. And, applaud the efforts.
  • Abundance is...dinner at 8:36...leftover spaghetti and meatballs.
  • I have finished reading a book. The Hunger Games.  I do recommend it. It's a quick read. It repulsed my inner being the first 20 pages, while it entrusted my strategic being in the vast middle of the book. The last 20 pages, you don't have to read.
  • To the people who plant the flowers in the median, you deserve a special spot in Heaven. The flowers are like paintbrush strokes of beauty. Thanks.
  • A student created a division word problem about my family today. It also included dogs with 8 collars.
  • I cannot get enough of my Toms shoes. They're just perfect for this weather.
  • The internet was down for 2.5 days at school. I didn't really miss it. I always find that when technology is stripped from me.
  • I feel as those my fingernails are strangely growing fast.
  • I also know for a fact that my washing machine has to eat underwear and socks. It just has too.
  • Abundance is...that feeling of climbing in turn your bed and thinking 'that was fun.'
Moral of the Story: It's Tuesday. The first day of Spring. And, life is full of moments of rejuvenation.

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