There are good people in the world...

  • A bus driver who uses his own money and drives his personal car up to Fairfax only a few hours before he takes our team up there to check and journey.
  • A student who brings in a baggie of AA batteries for our Listen to Reading Center.
  • A father and his son outside shooting hoops at dusk. I know he must have had a long day at work. But, still.
  • My backyard neighbors having a soccer party.
  • A teammate giving another teammate a pat on the back.
  • An aunt bringing medicine to her niece.
  • A pregnant mom who will cheer on her daughter and husband at they complete a St. Patrick's day obstacle course.
  • Another elementary school who sold pies on Pi Day (today) for Relay For Life.
  • A friend sharing with her friend pasta salad left over from a baby's baptism.
  • Parents who volunteer countless hours in the Concessions Stand for EV Boosters. They're always there. I think 6 days a week.
  • A person buying someone a drink when they know they're thirsty.
  • A friend giving someone an opportunity when most aren't.
  • A colleague complimenting another colleague.
  • An email celebrating someone.
  • A friend sharing community ideas. 
Moral of the Story: At the root of the world and daily day, you'll find goodness. All you have to do is look. It's there. Everywhere.

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