What is one to do, when...

You wake up...run a few miles.

Teach until 4:15 (extended day).

Coach until 6:15.

Pick-up pizza. Meet Liz at your house.

Go to other co-coach's house.

Take coaching test until 10:00.

Plan fundraising/info event for Relay until 10:45 with co-chair over text/email.

What is one to do, when...there is no free time.


Savor the small moments.

It was a great day.

Abundant with smiles and laughter and hard work.

A check-plus day.

4:15...freedom! The putrid smell is so worth the

Found on my counter...my aunt knows me well...
At this moment, Liz was picking us up Big Gulp (SUPER)
Diet Cokes...

 A Baby Shower invite for the person who taught
me the most about teaching elementary...it's hard
to believe...we shared life 4 four straight years...God Bless her...

A phone book in the mail...really, I had no clue these were
still made.

Schu is ready for test time...we all passed.

Laptops (notice mine is on the Relay page, not the test page), drinks,
and watching VCU win...
Moral of the Story: Small moments make life abundant.

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  1. Anonymous16.3.12

    We love you!!!! Enjoy your diet cokes!!!! Anut Page and Uncle Jimmy