First LAX Game

Tonight we had our first youth girls lax game...the first game ever for girls in Cpep.

We lost by about 10 goals which believe it or not is not horribly abnormal for girls lax games.

I stood there coaching. I scrounged up an old red 5K shirt (finally they came in handy) so that my outfit would match our team--the Red Dragons.

As I stood their coaching, I couldn't help but smile.

It was a beautiful Friday night.

Running around...on our team...on the field...yielding sticks and goggles...were ladies 2nd through 11th grade. And, guess what? They all cheer each other on. They all help each other out. They all give of themselves.

To be honest, it's one of the best teams I have ever coached.

We have learned the game, but we have learned character.

During halftime, I knelt down to be more at their level. That's when a player put her hand tenderly on my shoulder. It was at the moment that you remember why we're here on this earth.

Then, I exhaled. Then, I smiled. Then, I patted the players on the back as the sun set.

Moral of the Story: There's always a beginning to everything. There's beauty in the beginning.

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