International Arrivals

We stood in the international arrivals area of Dulles today.

We were waiting for The Farmer and his brother to arrive after almost 2 weeks in Europe.

While waiting, I absolutely savored the people watching.

It was exactly like the scenes from the movie Love Actually.

Men with flowers.  Mothers with cameras. Young children running to parents. Adult children hugging their parents. Baggage everywhere. A group of people with sombreros and mustaches on waiting for someone. Balloons bopping up in down. American flags in hands.

Everyone focused on a door hoping the next person would be their person.

It was overwhelming. At times, tears welled up watching the sheer joy amongst humanity.

I may not have had balloons, a sombrero, a mustache, or a sign.

But, I made this...
Can't get much more American than apple pie...
Then, we went to see Love Canon at The State Theater thanks to some free tickets...
Can't get much more American than 80s hits mixed with bluegrass...
Moral of the Story: America is a wonderful home.

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