Leap Day

An extra, full day of life. What I dream of.

I was determined and knew it was going to be amazing. There's no other option.

From a great convo with a friend on the elliptical to the sweet process of teaching 8th and 9th graders seniority as they wait while seniors choose jerseys first.

It was a magical day.

4 years ago. I was 3rd year at UVA and enjoying what that brought. I remember I was in ESL classes and enjoyed traveling to my uncle's place in Nethers with friends. Bodos, long walks & talks, and studying flashcards made for magical days. Planning dessert parties and babysitting sweet girls made me happy.

Now, this season of life is just as magical. I truly do cherish the daily. It is filled with abundance.

Today was just as magical. But, in different ways. In ways, I wouldn't have thought of 4 years ago while I was meandering the serpentine walls of UVA.

Today's magic was filled with smaller moments. Simpler ones.

Hugs, smiles, sharing of jokes, capturing fractions, light bulbs learning moments, looking at game film, teaching seniority to 8th and 9th graders, season beginning tradition dinner, preparing for company this weekend, laundry (that definitely didn't occur 4 years ago), and sitting indian style watching bball at 10:10.

All I can think is I am thankful. My life is abundant. It's brimming. And, it's fun.

Life is good.

Moral of the Story: Today it poured rain. Like a monsoon. Thunderstorm'd in February. Rained while the sun was out. And, poured some more. I couldn't help but think of this quote.

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