Things That Blow My Mind

I have these moments when my whole conscious self freezes and thinks...'holy moly' for about 0.5 seconds.

Then, I usually smirk. And, then the flash is over. Just like that. 1 second flat.

Things That Blow My Mind...

  1. A paper plate dispenser...only $6.50 on Amazon.
  2. Nutella cupcakes
  3. Steven Tyler has a retreat in...New Hampshire.
  4. A person spends up to 6 hours carving Ceasar's head into Oreo cream.
  5. I trip. A child asks if I'm tipsy.
  6. Pieces of clothing that are over $100.
  7. A crush.
  8. When my mom doesn't have school and is the only school district in the state that's closed.
  9. That God became man.
  10. Deep quotes. Why didn't I say that? 
  11. Magnetic nail polish.
  12. If you had a to choose 6-word life mantra...What would you say?
  13. People on the Maury Show.
Moral of the Story: These moments. Although fleeting. And, usually not memorable provide needed mind breaks and laughter throughout taxing-thinking hours of the day.

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