25 Things I have Loved in My Life...

As my 25th birthday approaches, I celebrate 25 things I have loved in my life...

  1. Culpeper, VA and all that entails including Relay For Life.
  2. The smell of fresh cut grass.
  3. The plop. I thank God for my Hudson-sided hair. 
  4. Picking up a jungle green Crayola crayon when my preschool teacher asked me what my favorite color was. It has stuck for 21 years.
  5. My grandma's old kitchen/patio and Friday nights there with a Happy Meal as Dad was out coaching.
  6. Hours and hours outside playing with my brother.
  7. My birthdays...I can remember every single one, except for the first 3. 
  8. Things: Apple products, mouthguards, Volvo, Crystal Light Strawberry Energy, Pantene Pro-V, long towels, Combos on roadtrips
  9. The feeling of surprising another and being surprised.
  10. Family meals.
  11. A family that didn't live through me, but lived to support and encourage me.
  12. School. I loved every year. Preschool. Elementary. Middle. High. College. Ate it up with a spoon.
  13. Bum clothes.
  14. Road Trips with friends
  15. Country music as the comforting background of my life.
  16. Sports. Playing, watching, coaching, cheering, following, living.
  17. Tomatoes straight from the garden.
  18. Sweat after a good workout.
  19. Charlottesville and all that entails from UVA, the B & B, and running.
  20. Sunday mornings.
  21. The feel of fresh sheets.
  22. Simple notes of affirmation of thanks.
  23. The beach in the summer with my cousins and family.
  24. A sharpened pencil and a notepad.
  25. Those gorgeous days when the windows can be down or cracked. Sunglasses on. Shorts and long sleeves. 
Moral of the Story: While these are things, they've been conducive to some of my favorite memories or feelings in life.

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