Momma, knows best...

I love that I have a mother who lets me be me.

Who doesn't bug me...I assume this is hard for her.

Most would think that with us living in the same place, that she'd be all up in my business...she's not.

She upholds boundaries and wants me to live my life.

Yet, Momma always answers (ok, not if it's her cell phone) when I call. And, is more than willing to immediately call back and discuss whatever I want to.

She keeps me sane. I can have a quick vent coupled with realism and then we move on.

I love that we don't dwell or ruminate. We forgive and try to honor the best in the situation. 

Anyway, her biggest encouragement is to take the high road in all situations and to be whoever I want to be life coupled with passion and kindness.

Moral of the Story: I think Momma knows best...

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