Fun with High Schoolers

One of the best co-coaches...ever
As I pulled out of school today, the cheerful custodians waved goodbye and yelled to go have fun at the high school.

Off I went...

I was greeted with a bus that had stopped in the middle of the main artery into the school. Behind it were 20 some buses. This is abnormal. So, I stopped too (yielding to the laws of the world).

Off hopped 2 high schoolers...this is abnormal, too. They ran into the middle of the road and picked a turtle up and took him to the other side.

That began a great 6 hours with high schoolers.

We practiced with intention for our first game tomorrow. And, then great parents lined the parking lot and carpooled kiddos over to a pizza place for team bonding dinner followed by some ice cream.

Dinner was fun. The captains handed out decorated shirts and ribbons for all to wear to school tomorrow.

We laughed and shared life.

Big thanks to Coach Schu coming along, too. Everything is better when we're together.

Dinners brings kids together fast than most things. One commonality we all have it the need to eat. And, that we did...joyfully.

Moral of the Story: Here's to high schoolers. What an important and influential phase of life.

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